Tuesday, June 28, 2022

In Your Parking Lot

Planets Line Up. Freedom Takes A Dump

In The Court Of Partisan Torts.

Supreme Cream Fell Off Its Beam

Justices Drool On History’s Spool.

Time To Drain The Golden Pool.

Snarly Laws Twist And Turn

Prick and Burn

Independence From Its Turn.

Criminal Clams Wrapped In Ham

Stash The Cash In Dog-Water Fash.

Truth Has Soul. Judges Mold.

Choice Remorse Rides A Dead Horse

On The Wake Perceptions Make.

Fetus Knows When To Come

And When To Run.

Right To Live Is An Inward Trip.

Right To Die Never Wonders Why.

Religious Crooks Cooked The Books

In A Big Ass Blind Spot

In Your Parking Lot.

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