Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Lawn Party: And Everyone's Invited H.T. Manogue Independently Published (2023) ISBN: 979-8218137007 Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (10/2023) 5*- A lawn party for your mind

"The Lawn Party: And Everyone's Invited" by H.T. Manogue, is a beautiful volume of poetry and artwork that includes the work of four poets that will have you thinking and feeling your way toward deeper meaning. The book has a newer age, transformative feel to it, and some of the poems are quite mystical in nature, suggested by the psychic travels described and explained in the book.

The mystic Rumi is one of the thinkers whose 800-year-old writing is included. Another inspiration is Seth, an entity that is non-physical and used to enhance awareness.

These poems offer a philosophical journey to guide you toward enlightenment, with messages about belief and how we perceive people, places, events, and even the universe--the foundation for the choices we make in life, which shape our experiences in a lot of ways. Once our belief systems about religion, love, science, sex, etc., have been identified and understood, we can then know what creates our reality.

Manogue goes a bit deeper in this book, into the realm of psychic messages that could shape people as well. Sorting out systems you have been entrenched in from generations ago and that are present during your lifetime can be daunting. Paul Harmon is another figure in the book that is featured and explored. Most of the poems have a feel of immediacy, as if the poet is channeling a message and writing it down from the ether. The artwork that is interspersed throughout the poetry is just as intriguing as the text.

One of the interesting things that stands out to me is the author's concept of misremembering, or rather, confusing the physical personality with the inner personality. Manogue's work is included as well.

His poetic lines like,

You Want More? Greed Has A Swinging Door. Cells Know Well There's No Peace In Holy Hell, With One-Way Gears. And A Fear-Laced Spear

…are just a sampling of the imagery and thought found in this work, which is a perfect companion to the artwork. If you are ready for a fresh, new take on poetry and imagery, then treat yourself to a lawn party for the mind and put "The Lawn Party: And Everyone's Invited" by H.T. Manogue on your to-read list

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