Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Tease Our Self

A cock crows and someone
Strums a koto.
Nothing’s wanting.

In the midst of this stillness,
I’m still.
Could I catch it, I’d drop
That butterfly into my mouth.

The works of Takahashi are breeding grounds for subjective thoughts. Our conscious mind gives birth to a variety of thoughts as we read his work. His work Stillness is a good example of Dadaism mixed with a healthy dose of Zen. We find a fragment of our self circling the honeysuckle vine of wisdom in order to drink its nectar. We realize our objective world is captured by the aroma of the vine's inner stillness.

We dance to the beat of stillness as we hear the music of consciousness. Set adrift in a micro world of colorful patterns, we flirt with our own creations. Age accelerates the action of the butterfly in our consciousness. We discover a new kind of growth and personality fulfillment in our dreams.

Age activates our free flying conscious mind and mends our fractured ego. We tease our self with death in order to understand the life in death.

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