Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Imperfect World

The infinitely small is as large as large can be,

When external conditions are forgotten;

The infinitely large is as small as small can be, when objective limits are put out of sight.

Those thoughts were written in Chinese in the 5th century by Zen Master Seng-ts’an. His work Hsin-hsin-ming is loosely translated as, Inscribed on the Believing Mind.

In childhood the conscious mind is trained to use innate argumentative tactics above all others. We restrict our creativity. We only allow it to flow through accepted channels that conform to family beliefs. Our conscious mind create images that we never acknowledge or act on. We make the infinite large as small as we can in order to conform.

The conscious mind creates physical experiences from the inner conscious mind as well as from exterior data. The inner conscious mind is limitless, but we believe it's very small so we compensate by accepting the beliefs of others. We want to be perfect in our imperfect world.

The ancient Chinese master, Hsin said I am all things in mind, and I choose how to be perfect.

As Seng explains

One in all,
All in one. . .

If only this is realized,

No more worry about your not being perfect!

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