Monday, February 8, 2010

Separated Sapling

This short story makes a mind print about what we believe and trust about the self.

The story incorporates two saplings, both exactly identical, both newly growing; one growing naturally, and reaching towards the sun, and basking within its rays, and drinking naturally of the rain, and resting to the moon.

The other is looking around, and is viewing the sky, and is seeing the sun, and is saying to itself, “Maybe I should be growing at night! The sun is very hot. It may burn me, or it may sap my energy, and the rain is very wet, and it get all over me, and I am not sure I am liking of this rain, and I am not sure that it is making me grow properly, and maybe I should be investigating where this rain is coming from, and I should be analyzing the sunrays to be sure that I am incorporating the proper vitamins, or maybe the moon is more friendly to my growth, and I would grow tall if I am growing at nighttime, while this idiot sapling next to me is being stunted by the sun!”

And in the morning, the natural sapling is stretching its newly formed branches, and uncurling its soft leaves, and growing within complete trust; and the other sapling, in the morning is viewing the same sun, and is looking at the beautifully formed other sapling, and it is looking like a deformed creation of itself that is confused, distorted and exhausted from pushing, forcing and untrusting attitude about its own ability to allow and just appreciate its own responsibility.

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