Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Brilliant Side Of The Self

The progress of science has now reached a turning point. The stable foundations of physics have broken up. . . The old foundations of scientific thought are becoming unintelligible. Time, space, matter, material, ether, electricity, mechanism, organism, configuration, structure, pattern, function, all require reinterpretation. What is the sense of talking about a mechanical explanation when you do not know what you mean by mechanics?

Alfred North Whitehead wrote those thoughts in his 1967 book, Science and the Modern World Whitehead may be describing what some folks call a shift in consciousness. A natural merging of the conscious mind with its counterpart, the unconscious mind, is in progress. Unconscious means the segment of the conscious mind that is not attached to the brain. This merging brings about a greater appreciation and understanding of the give-and-take that occurs between the ego and other elements of the self. Our unconscious is no longer an unknown. It is not the dark side of the self; it is the creative aspect of the self.

Normal behavior or personal characteristics that seem unusual and opaque before are now becoming clear thanks to this merging or as some people call it the transformation of the self. The shadowy side of the conscious mind is really the brilliant side of the self. There are a plethora of natural and spontaneous discoveries that occur as a result of this merging. We have reach a turning point in our consciousness. We are beginning to realize that there is great creativity and wisdom in our unconscious mind. In fact, it is much more conscious than the part our conscious mind that is attached to the brain.


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Hal, I for one, am glad that you chose the physical option in this lifetime.

Janet Riehl

Hal said...

Thank you Janet. It's quite a rocket ride isn't it?