Sunday, February 21, 2010

Self Inflicted Ignorance

Whoever degrades another degrades me. . . and whatever is done or said returns at last to me.
And whatever I do or say I also return

The words of Walt Whitman, from The Leaves of Grass, are a reminder that everything in my reality is created by and for me. Whatever energy I project into my reality continues to flow through consciousness, and it expands as I do. I find my self reliving that energy in different forms; the energy in the messages is never far from my awareness, but I play with these messages like a cat with a string, pushing them away, but they always come back and form an experience for me to live physically. The energy of consciousness swirls around and through me as I travel through a focused reality creating, experiencing, and remembering.

It’s easy to maintain the sunderance that exists within me. I can live as a separated self and continue to deny what I already know. I experience what I’m creating in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong, because in each message I experience what I believe. I perceive, and then justify my creations in order to validate my awareness; an awareness that is always in motion like a stream filled with bubbles. I grab a bubble and it manifests as an experience, and within each bubble is a remembrance of the me, I sense around me. What I say and do is but a drop of water in a fast running stream that flows into the consciousness of all consciousness. Constantly in circulation, all energy returns to me, and in the wake of my self-inflicted ignorance, I expand from my self-created contrast.


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