Saturday, June 9, 2012

Conscious Beliefs

Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth.

Thich Nhat Hanh, the author, teacher, peace activist, and monk wrote those words. Thich has written over 100 books, and 40 of them have been translated into English. He has spent his life practicing the art of finding peace within.

Our conscious beliefs guide the functions of the body. Our inner self develops our physical consciousness by focusing the inner mind so we can manipulate the world we call our reality. The conscious mind is able to direct our outward physical activity, which includes our waking experiences and our physical work. The conscious mind makes decisions and sets direction, and it assess the inside as well as the outside conditions so it can handle the data it receives from the inner portions of the self. The conscious mind is not a closed system, but we think it is. We tend to fear our inner thoughts and adopt the beliefs of others in order to conform to the physical world. That practice distorts the data received from the conscious mind and we find ourselves living in a world of untruths.

There are different untruths, and they can be found in religion, politics and social circles, as well as in our beliefs about truth, sex, relationships, emotions, perceptions, the senses, duplicity and the universe. These untruth form conscious beliefs and they tend to distort the physical self. The conscious mind does not battle with the intuitive self, but it appears that way when we refuse to accept all the information that flows through the conscious mind. Physical life is the experience of experimenting with these altered truths. We create them in order to linearly express value fulfillment in a specific focus. That process is an individual one, but we use the collective to confirm what we ignore. We believe there is confirmation in numbers, so the collective truth becomes gospel regardless of where it came from or how it manifested.

It’s easy to avoid the frequent readjustments that are available from the voice within. When these readjustments are ignored, secondhand beliefs cover our belief system. Some of them are contradictory, and we find that the signals the body gives to the inner self are a jumbled mixture of confused directions. An alarm immediately sounds when this happens. The body begins to malfunction and our emotional environment suffers. The inner self is constantly sending data to the conscious mind, but if we believe that this information is wrong and cannot be trusted we deny ourselves the help we need to function in sync with the inner self.

Believing that we must accept these challenges as part of life prevents us from solving these self-created issues. When we use the conscious mind to sift through our conscious beliefs and the reason for these beliefs, we begin to liberate the self. We can take credit for our successes and the happiness that is always within us. We are able to change certain beliefs which are roadblocks to our truth by taking responsibility for our own being.

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