Saturday, June 9, 2012

Conscious Beliefs

Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth.

Thich Nhat Hanh, the author, teacher, peace activist, and monk wrote those words. Thich wrote more than 100 books. Forty of the books are in English. He spent his life practicing the art of finding peace within.

Our conscious beliefs guide body functions. The inner self or non-physical self creates our physical consciousness, including our ego. Our non-physical self directs our outward physical activity as long as the ego is in sync with those directions.

Our non-physical self is not a closed system, but we think it is. We tend to fear our inner thoughts, so we adopt other beliefs to conform. That practice distorts the data received from the non-physical, and we find ourselves living in an ego-centered world. Thich calls that world experimenting with the truth.

There are different truths. Religious, political, social, and the truth we hold in our core beliefs have an impact on our choices and perceptions. Our core beliefs are the foundation that creates our perception of reality. Core beliefs include Truth, Sex, Religion, God, Relationships, Emotions, Perceptions, the Senses, Duplicity, and the Universe.

These beliefs or truths form our reality. Physical life is for the experience of experimenting with these core beliefs. We create them to express value fulfillment in a specific physical focus. That process is an individual one, but we use the collective to confirm it. We believe there is confirmation in numbers, so the collective truth becomes gospel regardless of how it manifests.

The non-physical self constantly sends data to the ego, but the ego doesn’t have to use that data. But when the ego uses the non-physical self to examine our core beliefs and the reasons behind those beliefs, our perceptions and reality change. Understanding where our beliefs come from gives us the ability to change them. We are the instrument that creates the truths we live.

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