Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Window Of Everything

The nature of oneness is our original Mind, of which we are conscious; and yet there is neither the one who is conscious nor that of which there is a consciousness. To see into the absolute one or unconsciousness is to understand self-nature; to understand self-nature is not to take hold of anything. Self-nature is from the first thoroughly pure, because there is nothing to take hold of.

Shen-hui, the 8th century Chinese philosopher, explains the subjective self in somewhat obscure objective terms. Our subjective self is constantly transmitting insights and intuitions to the conscious mind. We have been educated to believe that this inner self is dangerous and can’t be trusted. We have turned off the power that opens the vault where our truth resides. We have been schooled to accept our difficulties as penance for some alleged deed that spiritually marred all of us, and that belief has tainted our ability to freely interact with the nature of our oneness.

Beliefs and ideas form the foundation for our experiences. The reasons why we believe what we believe are in the conscious mind. If we believe that the reasons are buried in some past life, we create a mental roadblock that keeps us from altering our individual reality. When we come to terms with the fact that we form our own reality, we begin to liberate the inner self, and taste the fruit of our own self-nature. We are responsible for our own being. Our self-nature joins with the flesh of our own choosing. Our self-nature chooses to experience a life filled with incredible beauty so we can help create a dimension of vivid colors and spectacular forms. We are here to enrich our own self-awareness, and to feel the power of the energy that fuels our individual consciousness.

We are not here to complain about the miseries of the human race; we are here to change them. When our conscious mind allows our self-nature to look out into the physical world we see the reflection of our own spiritual activity. When we perceive and assess that reality we have the ability to change it using the gift of self-nature. That gift comes from the consciousness we dress in religious terms, but religion is riddled with fear, guilt and control. We take ownership of those properties and hold them in our psyche. That is our choice. We can also choose to take hold of our self-nature, with our own conscious mind, and experience the window of everything.

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