Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Body Is A Living Sculpture

In my opinion, a doctor who treats the human body must first be a philosopher. In the past, the doctor was the community shaman or priest, exhorting people to follow the laws of nature, live their lives correctly and make use of the healing powers found in nature.

If doctors were to treat not only the sick parts of the body but also the human consciousness, then I think we would see a great reduction in the need for doctors and hospitals. People with ailments would go to their nearby philosopher, for help understanding the mistakes they have made and then go home determined to live a better life. It may well be that physicians of the future will be more like counselors than the doctors we have today.

Masaru Emoto wrote the 2001 best selling book, Hidden Messages in Water. Emoto discovered that consciousness exists within a molecule of water. He touched millions of people with his research projects on the nature of water, and how closely connected humans are to this manifestation of consciousness. Emoto believes that negative and position experiences are rooted in beliefs, and those beliefs are constantly changing as humans become more aware of the nature of their essence.

Illness and disease change the focus of the universal consciousness almost as fast as natural disasters. We create and change our body using our personal belief system. The more we focus on negativity the more we find it in our experiences. Fighting against an enemy in any form keeps that enemy in our thoughts, and we experience the negative energy that is created by those thoughts.

We have the ability to cure the body, once we take responsibility for the power we have within us. Our body is our own living sculpture. Our life is a precious work of art. Emotions are a form of energy that vibrates and alters the cells and molecules in the body. Repressed emotions change our molecular structure. Believing that we have the power to change our body using our own innate energy is the first step in healing.

Doctors will always be an essential tool in healing because we believe in them. Believing in the power we have within us is a prescription without side effects.

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