Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rightful Leftness


I’m a billion removes
From myself: the fire,
Though red is cold.

I’m a steel-petaled
Flower, root and all.
Through white, the water’s solid.

I’m burnt out, corroded,
And yet transparent.
My woman’s like an orange.

The poetry of Shinkichi Takahashi does stretch rationality to its limits. The energy created by his words and images spills into another reality where there are no limits. Takahashi writes about other aspects of self. He feels the separation, which creates the contrast we experience in life. Focused life for him is a group of realities, which vibrate in and out physical sight with the blink of an eyelash. His world is a mixture of dynamic mental awareness and foamy expressions that merge into different qualities of consciousness. The action of his frothiness stimulates thoughts and expands perceptions. Nothing is consolidated into transparent forms and expands to shape other universes.

Identifying other aspects of self and the realities they create is not taught nor does it need to be taught in any rational institution. The innate knowledge of our own multiplicity sits on the edge of awareness. It dangles its feet in our ego consciousness. In the burst of a sudden impulse our world changes and we become another version of the self. That self wanders through the corridors of mental images and experiences. These images are unfettered and freakishly sane.

Dripping through the cracks of our own creations we find the burnt out and corroded elements of unused thoughts and they are manifesting in other worlds. We move from female to male, apple to orange, left to right in these worlds. We are a group of selves that stroke the glowing fire of our inner consciousness.

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