Friday, March 5, 2010

Psychic Flavors

Ye suffer from yourselves, none else compels,

None other holds you that ye live and die

And whir upon the wheel, and hug and

Kiss its spokes of agony,

Its tire of tears, its nave of nothingness.

Wei Wu Wei, also known as Terry Gray, certainly make us think about our thoughts. When we use rational thoughts, we believe someone or something brings suffering to the self in this reality. There are unknown forces at work, and these forces cause pain and suffering. But, what are these forces? We are clueless when it comes to understanding the nature of our psyche. We allow others to tell us what is good for us and how that goodness impacts our reality. We suffer from our own cluelessness. We suffer because we believe we deserve to suffer. We believe we are flawed and we kiss our own spokes of agony and hope others feel a portion of that agony.

There is a natural feedback system within the psyche as well as in the body. This system operates so we can grow and develop physically as well as spiritually. Narrow focus is a characteristic of the conscious mind. When we think about pain and suffering we allow it to invade our belief structure and our reality changes. That focus only includes our physical reality, but the conscious mind has the ability to focus in other realities if it chooses.

The conscious mind can believe a rose is a symbol of life or it can believe it is a symbol of death and sadness. Thoughts of a simple rose can create agony as well as happiness. We choose to feel the pain and the suffering in order to feel our desires physically. Suffering and pain brings diverse elements together and unites them in patterns. These patterns are colored by emotions and put in motion by our imagination. They serve as stimulation for a portion of the conscious mind that responds to the flavor of these psychic creations.

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