Thursday, March 25, 2010

Electromagnetic Reality

A man annoys me; I become angry and I want to hit my adversary. Let us analyze what takes place in me in the course of this scene. We will see that my inner phenomena are divided into two different reactions that we will call primary reaction and secondary reaction.

The primary reaction consists in the awakening in me, of a certain amount of vital energy; this energy was lying, latent, in my central source of energy until it was awakened by my perception of an energy manifested in the Non-Self against Self. The foreign aggressive energy stirs up in me the manifestation of a reactive force which balances the force of the Non-Self. This reactive force is not yet a movement of anger, it has not yet a precise form; it is compatible with the substance which is going to be poured into a mould but which has not yet been released. During an instant, without duration, this budding force, mobilized at my source, is not yet a force of anger; it is an informal force, a pure vital force.

Hubert Benoit, in his 1955 work The Supreme Doctrine, explains how our thoughts creates experiences. We are volcanoes filled with energy. We are constantly erupting and spewing energy into different belief molds. We call these molds experiences. The energy itself comes from the inner self. We can move this energy from one physical place to another using other thoughts. Any belief, and the emotion attached to it, can be altered or changed. We can move energy from one belief mold to another belief mold.

The inner sounds of our thoughts creates an electromagnetic reality. These inner sounds have an effect on our cells. We speak to our body and it listens. Inner sound is formed by intent. Intent and words merge, and when they do we experience this electromagnetic reality. That reality changes as our beliefs change. When beliefs change, intent changes with it. The inner sound value of our thoughts has been underestimated. We create inner noise polution when our thoughts are scrambled, self-contradictory and random. Those thoughts are products of our beliefs. The inner self always tries to maintain body and mind equilibrium, but our inner noise polution triggers an eruption, and we physically experience it in some way.

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