Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Energy Drips

Theologians have by this time stretched their minds so as to embrace the Darwinian fact’s and yet to interpret them as still showing divine purpose. It used to be a question of purpose against mechanism, of one or the other. It was as if one should say “My shoes are evidently designed to fit my feet, hence it is impossible that they should have been produced by machinery.” We know that they are both: they are made by machinery itself designed to fit the feet with shoes. Theology need only stretch similarly the design of God. As the aim of a football-team is not merely to get the ball to a certain goal {if that were so, they would simply get up some dark night and place it there), but to get it there by a fixed machinery of conditions: the game’s rules and the opposing players; so the aim of God is not merely, let us say, to make men and to save them, but rather to get this done through the sole agency of nature’s vast machinery. Without nature’s stupendous laws and counterforces, man’s creation and perfection, we might suppose, would be too insipid achievements for God to have designed them.

William James wrote those thoughts in his 1906 essay Some Metaphysical Problems Pragmatically Considered. He makes a good case for creating stupendous laws and experiencing diversity in a myriad of forms in order to sense the Godness of being physical. Godness is just a word for a collection of different qualities of consciousness experiencing a particular manifestation in order to expand in the mental enzyme called awareness.

Awareness is the rudimentary force of being in one state of consciousness and flowing to another in a stream of energy. Awareness can be called divine for it is rooted in the soil of complete consciousness. Complete means whole in rational and pragmatic terms, but complete may be the moving force of energy that separates in order to sense aspects of the whole. Whole may mean a certain focus in awareness that presents itself to experience various senses. Whole knows the self through its own awareness, but it is flowing through a complex set of grids and connections that produce dimensional planes of awareness where consciousness expands.

We are one aspect of consciousness experiencing the complete whole in a subjective as well as objective way. Awareness drips through energy grids into the conscious mind and creates. God as we define the term is the culmination of these energy drips as well as the force that sense them. We are connected in the action of consciousness. We are a manifestation of aware energy remembering other qualities of the self in an image called God.

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