Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Constant Flow of Impulses

In the prologue of his best selling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto writes:

Water has the ability to copy and memorize information. We may also say that the water of the oceans has memories of the creatures that live in the ocean. The earth’s glaciers may well contain millions of years of the planet’s history.

Water circulates around the globe, flowing through our bodies and spreads to the rest of the world. If we were capable of reading this information contained in the memory of water, we would read a story of epic proportions

Emoto’s words stimulate questions about how we perceive ourselves as well as how we perceive the other qualities of consciousness that surround us. The idea of water having a memory and the ability to copy information is certainly not part of our conscious education about the nature of water.

Water is essential for physical survival. We are ninety nine percent water as fetuses and ninety percent water when we’re born. We contain seventy percent water as we mature, and at death we contain about fifty percent water. Most of us don’t give it much thought, but since water is a form of energy it’s capable of creating vibrational impulses.

Where do thoughts like this one come from? Some thoughts come from physical awareness, but what creates that awareness? We all have impulses and imagination, but how do we define and experience impulses and imagination? Are they the same thing as thought? The common belief about impulses is they are thoughtless actions created by emotions. In a sense that’s true; emotions are signals from our inner consciousness and a form of communication.

The nature of thoughts, impulses, and imagination has been the catalyst for the philosophical debates that have raged for centuries. Religion and science define consciousness and thought in different ways and those definition become beliefs. Any thoughts that conflict with those beliefs are usually trivialized or ignored. Emoto’s ideas about the consciousness of water certainly don’t conform to mainstream beliefs.

Perhaps water thinks in a different way using vibrating impulses rooted in another region of consciousness. The concept of ocean’s thinking in some way is not part of our belief system, but our beliefs structure is always expanding. Thoughts are actually manifested energy that develops from impulses and imagination. Inner consciousness communicates with the ego self through impulses which stimulate emotions and we communicate in different ways. Other aspects of consciousness also manifest energy but our belief system blocks our acceptance of this energy until awareness seeps through the cracks of our body consciousness and expands our beliefs.

Impulses from our inner self send signals to our physical or ego self and thoughts develop from those impulses. Imagination is a series of impulses that create mental pictures or thoughts about future expectations or past experiences which then become reality in one form or another.

We are constantly receiving impulses from our inner world of consciousness. The world of consciousness is connected to a spring of consciousness. Every quality of consciousness communicates using impulses of some type. All consciousness may not create thoughts from those communications, but they do vibrate using impulses from the inner spring of consciousness.

Humans are a unique quality of consciousness. We have the ability to create using impulse received from their inner world as well as from the impulses received from the inner world of other forms of consciousness.

We constantly communicate with each other using impulses as well as imagination, and we send those impulses to others. We don’t believe we can communicate without words so the impulses of others are often ignored. Words are expressions of emotions attached to beliefs and associations that are familiar. We ignore unfamiliar messages from inner consciousness, but those messages are always received and remembered somewhere in our body consciousness.

All impulses are energy that manifest in some way. Thoughts develop perceptions or they expand beliefs or initiate fears that prolong separation. The acceptance as well as the ignorance associated with the constant flow of impulses we receive is rooted in the awareness of self and the inner world of consciousness.

When we begin to listen to our own impulses as well as the impulses received from other forms of consciousness our beliefs expand and our experiences change. We can then turn those impulses into physical energy that changes our lives into a story of epic proportions.

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