Monday, August 1, 2011

A Corner of One Reality

Things exist in kinds, there are many species in each kind and what the ‘kind’ implies for one specimen, it applies also for every other specimen of that kind. We can easily conceive that every fact in the world might be singular, that is, unlike any other fact and sole of its kind. In such a world of singulars out logic would be useless, for logic works by predicting of the single instance what is true of all its kind. With no two things alike in the world, we should be unable to reason from our past experiences to our future ones. The existence of so much generic unity of things is thus perhaps the most momentous pragmatic specification of what it may mean to say ‘the world is one.’

William James in his 1907 essay The One and the Many sprinkles a little magical mental dust on our thoughts about the nature of unity. Wisdom has the innate ability to show us what is inside of facts so some sense of being within our species can be translated into a reality. Some facts can lead us away from true knowledge, and as history shows us that is certainly the case when it comes to our beliefs about unity.

There is no such thing as non-living matter. There is simply the identification of characteristics that we consider life or what we call conditions of living. Consciousness through its intent explodes into matter and that matter expresses its own creativity. Unity can be expressed by saying the creator is within its creations they become another aspect of consciousness that are gifted through innate creativity. The environment, which is another element of consciousness, can form a species and species can form the environment. Life as we know it began spontaneously in a number of species at the same time.

Electromagnetic energy units exist within all units of consciousness. They exist below the range of physical matter and they respond to emotional intensity. These units eventually form physical objects. We know ourselves through our creations. We live in a corner of one reality where the spirit meets the flesh and we form a bond of unity through our diversity. Diversity is the badge of our individual consciousness or godhood. We are constantly creating and we strive for value fulfillment by experiencing our own creations. That value fulfillment is attained by accepting the wisdom and experience within the flesh rather than denying it. Unity recognizes as well as creates the diversity within all species.

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