Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Virgin Territory

I have one jewel shining bright,
Long buried it was underneath worldly worries;
This morning the dusty veil is off, and restored is its luster,
Illumining rivers and mountains and ten thousand things.

That verse is just one of hundreds of verses written about Satori or enlightenment. Iku, a disciple of Yogi, who was the founder of the Yogi branch of the Rinzai School, wrote that one in the 11th century. Satori is a new world of value where the old way of believing is abandoned and previous knowledge is immersed in a pool of oblivion. It seems our own desires and intent plays a role in this awakening. Inventors may receive Satori from the future and an archeologist may receive it from the past. Inner knowledge merges smoothly with the present so we seldom recognize the point where it originates.

We all have access to this inner data. Awareness never comes exclusively from exterior circumstances. The psyche experiments with probable actions in the dream state and mass dreams provide an inner vehicle for global actions. We all know intuitively that our experiences matter, and there is meaning in them regardless of their obvious obscurity. Each of us senses a private purpose, but those thoughts are filled with frustration because our inner goal is not clearly known.

We all have a history before birth just like the earth has a history before we were born and there is a voice within all of us that continually says “I am important and have a purpose even though I don’t know what it is.” We don’t know what it is because we look outwardly to find it, but the inner validity of the psyche or soul cannot be found there. We only see the effects not the cause.

Satori brings us back to the land of the psyche, which is the virgin territory within all of us. No territory is the same, but there is inner commerce between territories. They are a plethora of environments in this inner no-space that takes various shapes. Different portions of the psyche have their own “laws” and their own geography. Time is squeezed out of shape so we carry our own time on this inner journey, which can run backwards as well as faster or slower as the psyche tunes into other realities than are hidden from our corporal biological structure.

The reality of our own being can only be defined by the “me” that exist in a state of Satori, but that definition is only a reference point; it is not a complete definition. The specialists and gurus can only explain your psyche to you when they forget they are specialists and deal directly with the private psyche where all specializations come from. The psyche is not a thing. It has no beginning or end and it can’t be touched or seen. Trying to describe it is useless with a language that identifies physical experiences rather than nonphysical ones.

The psyche is a group of shinning jewels that are buried under unnecessary worldly worries, and Satori is the discovery of one of those jewels.

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