Friday, December 9, 2011

The Burden of Beliefs

We are often made to feel that there is another youth and age than that which is measured from the year of our natural birth. Some thoughts always find us young, and keep us so. Such is the love of the universal and eternal beauty. The emphasis of facts and persons in my thought has nothing to do with time. And so, always, the soul’s scale is one; the scale of the senses and the understanding is another. Before the revelations of the soul Time, Space, and Nature shrink away. In common speech we refer all things to time, as we habitually refer the immensely sundered stars to one concave.

And so we say that the Judgment is distant or near, that the Millennium approaches, that a day of certain political, moral, social, reform is at hand, and the like, when we mean, that, in the nature of things, one of the facts we contemplate is external and fugitive, and the other is permanent and connate with the soul.

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1841 essay The Over-soul dips us into an ocean filled with natural concepts that drip with head-shaking truth. Some of our thoughts have no age, and others make us older than we are. We are so focused on external events we forget the beauty that is within us. That beauty is buried under heavy debris, and that debris is set in motion by our belief system. The psyche, which contains the soul, is a manifestation of pure energy in a unique form. Our vocabulary automatically puts information about the soul and the psyche in understandable form, but that information is a partial account of who we are.

Pure energy has such amazing pattern-forming propensities it becomes a conglomeration of energy gestalts that go beyond our current understanding and vocabulary. Even the smallest unit of pure energy has such a propelling force that it can form all possible variations of itself. Pure energy with a weight of nothing can hold within itself the creation of matter even though it has no mass. It has the impetus to create a plethora of universes. It is the hand of God as well as God itself, and we humanize it in order to get our thoughts around it.

Pure energy cannot be destroyed, and is always in a state of creation, which means it is constantly expanding at every point simultaneously. Our psychological activity gives us a hint of the power contained in the individualization of pure energy, and our cells ring the bell of creative evidence, and prove that we are freshly created at every point in linear time.

The psyche deals with activity we can’t directly perceive, but that activity is responsible for the events we do perceive. Judgment day is drenched in mythical romance and time is bottled in linear form. Our social, moral, and political beliefs are like sand on a wind-blown beach. We celebrate our external and the fugitive beliefs, and they bring us the precipice of a fictitious death while our psyche continues to be a permanent variation of itself, which fuels the life of the soul without the need for time, or the burden of beliefs.

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