Friday, December 30, 2011

Inner Fabric of Beliefs

I am well aware how odd it must seem to some of you to hear me say that an idea is ‘true’ so long as to believe it profitable t our lives. That it is good for as much as it profits, you will gladly admit. If what we do by its aid is good, you will allow the idea itself to be good in so far forth, for we are the better for possessing it. But is it not a strange misuse of the word ‘truth,’ you will say, to call ideas also ‘true’ for this reason? Let me now say only this, that truth is one species of good, and not as is usually supposed, a category distinct from good, and co-ordinate with it. The true is the name of whatever proves itself to be good in the way of belief, and good, too, for definite, assignable reasons.

William James in his 1906 essay What Pragmatism Means serves up a massive meal when he touches on truth and good. Our beliefs do lay the foundation for these words, and they mean different things depending on the consciousness that is creating them in their experience. Creation is a word that has certain esoteric qualities within it. The physical events that manifest from the impetus of our creations arrive like rocket ships from another dimension.

Thoughts swim in and out of our system of physical consciousness, so we barely notice some of them. The events associated with these thoughts appear and disappear in a similar manner, but they all make an impression on our physical reality. We attract our thoughts, and our thoughts attract us on a psychological level, and they trigger our perception mechanism. Our intent and our beliefs are main attractions in this process. In order to become physical, probable events must meet certain criteria. Time and space slots must be aligned with the psychological intensities of our desires, intent, and beliefs.

All physical events are born from non-physical forces that exist outside of the space context. There is a library of probable events that is organized for us, and they wait for our energy to trigger them. They may be activated in the dream as well as the waking state, but the purpose, desire, and inspiration usually are the main activation ingredients. True and good are associations we make when we experience these events.

All physical events are formed in accordance with our feelings, purposes, intent and beliefs. We are not aware of the fact that our inner world makes events real in our physical experience, and our physical self makes them true according to the inner fabric of our beliefs.

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