Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rhythms Of Consciousness

What you knew before you were born isn’t lost. You only hide it till you’re tested, till it’s time to remember. And sure enough when you want, you’ll find some odd, funny beautiful way to find it again.

Rich Bach wrote that thought in his book The Messiah’s Handbook. It’s hard to comprehend, but we do feel and see what we expect to see. Our physical world is a reference point. The exterior painting is a replica of our inner desire. Our living portrait of the world grows in the mind. It is three dimensional painting, and every individual in it is using a unique brush to color that painting. The great creativity of our consciousness was functioning before birth and it continues to function after death.

All consciousness has a hand in creating the world. Our physical world rises from the ancient feeling-tones that make up portions of our psyche. Feelings and emotions manifest in specific ways, and our thoughts grow on a bed of deep and abiding rhythms. These rhythms of consciousness are the result of the innate creativity that is inherent in all species.

The earth’s consciousness is connected to the consciousness of every species. We rise from unknowing to knowing rhythms in an odd, funny and beautiful way. As we do, we remember that our unconscious knowledge is knowing in its own unknowing rhythms.

Bach explains the unknowing this way:

As you’re one with the person you were a second ago or a week ago, as you’re one with the person you’re going to be a moment from now or a week from now, so you’re one with the person you were a lifetime ago, the one you are in an alternate lifetime, the one you’ll be a hundred lifetimes into what you call your future.


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