Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Widening Perspective Of Consciousness

The idea that our sense of self, which we usually assume to be relatively stable and enduring, is actually constructed anew each moment out of a ceaseless flux of thoughts images and sensations may be an interesting concept when we read about it, but when seen directly in meditation it becomes undeniably clear, and by understanding egocentricity it can be life changing and helpful.

Roger Walsh M.D. Ph.D. wrote those thoughts in his essay, Hidden Wisdom. The fact that the conscious mind can change like a rapidly blinking light is a hard concept to grasp when we use our pragmatic education to explain that reality.

Reality and imagination are synonymous. Without one there wouldn’t be the other. We are taught that imagination has no place in our physical reality, but our reality originates in our imagination. Our creativity and desires come from imagination. Civilizations spring from imagination, and our belief system is created and altered by our imagination.

Imagination widens our perspective of consciousness. Consciousness expands from the imaginary desires we manifest physically. Our imagination within consciousness existed before our physical form. The data within our genes and chromosomes is imprinted long before we become physical, but it is constantly expanding as we expand our awareness. Consciousness is not dependent on physical perception, but our perception of consciousness is expanded by the experience of being physical. We are constantly in a state of action, and that state has no physical or non-physical limits.

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