Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Are Such Stuff

As Shakespeare pointed out we are such stuff as dreams are made on.

We achieve so many things while dreaming, but we don’t remember most of our accomplishments. For centuries, our dream reality has been a victim of antiquated beliefs and religious misconceptions. Hence, our dreams are shrouded in mystery. I’ve been studying the dream reality for the last seven years, and I’ve discovered some interesting facts about our dream experiences. The first fact is we don’t understand the complete nature of our consciousness, so we say, “It’s only a dream.”

But dreams are not meant to be tucked away on the discount rack in our consciousness. We don’t realize it, but we ignore part of ourselves in order to function physically in the ongoing expansion of the human species. We believe we are built that way. We fail to see we are in the process of becoming what we already are, and we certainly overlook the undeniable fact that dreams set the tone for that becoming.

Dreams exist in levels, just like this reality. Our wakeful levels of reality are measured in time sequences, but there is no time sequence in dreams, so it’s difficult to make sense of them and put them in order. Dreams have their own sense of order. On one level, dreams mix wakeful experiences with other probabilities, and we experience a mish-mash of dream events. On another level our conscious beliefs and innate beliefs are homogenized, and we experience people, places and events in unusual ways. These dream levels help us with insights and artful expressions. On another level, we enter the spacious presence of consciousness where all experiences are formed.

These dreams experiences are a variety pack filled with waking probabilities that we lay out for physical manifestation. Some are manifested; some are not. Once we enter the fourth level, we wander through the hallways of consciousness and tap into the pulse of the soul. In this hallway, more levels of our dream reality are experienced. We live life as the soul lives it. We are the soul and all its counterparts. This consciousness journey takes us to the reality of the soul. In dreams, the ego is dormant. We free ourselves from our waking focus, so we have the ability to function without a body as we wander through these vast never-ending dream realities. Our body remains in one place, but we still sense the sensations created by our body.

We remember some of these levels as we travel though them while dreaming. There are endless levels, and an endless amount of no time to experience them. Our dreams never end. We just move in and out of them, just like we move in and out of this reality. The interesting thing about dreaming is we sense that we don’t just live one lifetime. We begin to realize how it feels it to live in multiple lifetimes.

Lucid dreamers have the ability to remember portions of dreams, and some of these dreamers also have the talent to dream at will. These people are not different than any other person in terms of psychic gifts or supernatural powers. What these people have is an open channel to other realities. They allow their consciousness to move multidimensionally using practice, a knowing attitude, and an open-ended belief structure. We all could remember where we go in dreams if we used those inner gifts. We rarely use them by objective design, but we always use them subjectively.

Black Orchid Night is the story of one of these lucid dreamers. She accepts what she experiences in dreams as another form of reality. Her waking world becomes a schoolroom filled with a new set of choices and probabilities. The lucid dreamer in this story discovers the connection we have with each other no matter what segment of the social ladder they represent. We all have been nasty characters, lonely and depressed individuals that make some really bad choices. The dreamer in this story is surrounded by the anguish of family dynamics and associations that can be considered sleazy and harmfully narcissistic. She begins to understand that she is more than one body and brain in one particular time. She finds another portion of herself living as someone with different skin color, and in a different time period. She realizes that skin color and ethnic backgrounds are choices that produce lesson for soul expansion. She interacts with this particular counterpart, and that connection influences present moment choices for both individuals.

It’s not necessary to believe you are more than one individual in order to be another individual. We are wired that way by our multidimensional soul. We will still function and expand from the action of the soul regardless of our ignorance. Our mission as individuals is to experience our desires and expand from them. We are part of the creative activity I call the soul. The soul doesn’t reincarnate. Reincarnation implies time. The soul creates without time. What we experience and what the character in this story experiences is one incarnation of the many incarnations that the soul expresses for creative expansion.

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