Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Dream World: An Excerpt From The Book Black Orchid Night

"Our physical reality is the focus of our energy and our attention. But, understand, sleep is not a byproduct of our wakeful life. You might say the dream world is a shadow image of your waking world. It functions according to the possibilities within it, just as we carry on according to the possibilities inherent in our physical world. We are just as awake while we’re sleeping. When we are in the dream world, most of our energy is focused on that world. Our awareness is turned in another direction, so to speak. Only a small amount of energy is available physically. That energy sustains the body while we sleep.”

“Now, we remember only vague and disconnected portions of our dreams, so they appear to be meaningless and chaotic. The ego censors most of the information within our subconscious. The censoring process is important for most people, but some of us are equipped to handle the censored information and focus on it."

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