Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Cosmic Drama

Organized religion has committed a number of blunders through the years. Some of those blunders were swept under the faith–in-God rug, while others surfaced as the faithful became more aware of their beliefs. Religion has little to do with spirituality. It is a cosmic drama of the grandest nature where the leading characters are more than the total of their parts yet unequal to parts of man. Humans had to create religion to become aware that creations fuel the drama, and perceptions create facts. But facts change and so does the truth. What was a truthful fact in the past may be a blunder ridden fact today.

But members of organized religion hold on to those old facts. There is comfort in them. They become part of an individual belief system that creates new perceptions and choices. The religious call those perceptions real and true, but they are just loyal players in the cosmic drama.

Humans experiment with religion in order to squeeze the spirituality out of it. It’s not unusual for people to go from one religion to another looking for that one nugget of faith that will confirm their certainness in their uncertainty.

But when those religious soul seekers discover they create their own reality another set of questions come to the surface. The cosmic drama comes to an end and an internal one begins. There is no God that sends punishments for the thoughts and actions that are inherent in this vibrational field. Punishment comes from human perceptions and the reality those perceptions create. The God that we worship is the God within us. There, in the abyss of our consciousness, is a field of universal knowing that holds all the secrets of life. In that abyss, the seen and unseen play several roles in the conscious drama we create for ourselves. We are the characters, the stage and the audience, and the God of religion is applauding us for knowing the power of our individual consciousness.

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