Friday, March 18, 2016

Tints Of Our Imagination

All of the religious and political structures that we recognize as valid come from ideas. Those ideas develop from our obsession to turn myths into historical facts. Ideas come from our imagination, and they leaped upon our historical landscape and plant themselves in our perceptions. Our perceptions of these idealistic truths become our reality. But as we know, there is an individual reality where each person chooses to travel down a perception filled road and feel the energy within individual experiences.

The idea that man survives death is not new. People that live centuries ago knew that death was the doorway to another reality or a plethora of realties that offered other experiences. But as Christianity and other religions became new ideas, death became the doorstep to a world of judgment. It was no longer a reality filled with unlimited realities. Death was an either or reality. Christians believe that Christ is the only human that defied the either or reality, and he was named the son of God because he did. But as some ancient texts say, the image of Christ being crucified is another one of those myths rooted in imagination that we take as historical fact.

Whether Christ was crucified or not isn’t the issue. Christ knew there is divinity and humanity in every individual. Jesus knew by the virtue of his existence that he was connected to All That Is. Mankind is the physical meeting place of the divine and the ideas that create the basis for experiencing other realities. He knew that men and women follow the letter of manmade laws rather than the unspoken letters of spiritual knowing. We insist on literal interpretations of spiritual experiences that have no literal meaning.

Man distinguishes himself from other mammals because of imagination. What separates people as well as connects them is the power of ideas and the energy force within imagination. We project ourselves in time and color our experiences with tints of our unique imagination process. We forget that somehow. But when we do think about it, we literally form the reality we experience and the mass reality that we take a slice of through our ideas.

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