Saturday, November 26, 2016

Individual Mental Patterns

There’s a great deal of talk about climate change. Some people deny the fact that people are influencing that change. That’s okay. Believing that it is not happening doesn’t stop the planet from expanding and growing into another version of itself by using us. The planet is more conscious of what we do than we are. And there is a reason for that.

Religion has not been very kind to us. When there is talk about individual invisible mental patterns, religion credits God, especially when things happen that can’t be explained. That’s okay too. But our individual mental patterns do exist just like climate change. Our ideas can’t be denied or credited to some unknown force even though those ideas can’t be located anywhere in the body or brain. Scientists probing the brain have yet to discover one idea in a genius or a fool. But we all have ideas, and we create a lot of stuff using them.

I say religion hasn’t been kind to us because our individual mental patterns have been compromised by religion. Our ideas are filled with thoughts and feelings. Ideas do impact how mankind is organized in any given segment of time. The ideas created by the individual mental patterns of every person alive contribute to the psychic atmosphere of the planet. The seasons, floods, and other natural disasters are the products of the collective ideas, thoughts, and emotions of every person alive. But we don’t believe that, and that’s okay. We believe God is behind those ideas. According to most religions, God creates the psychic atmosphere, not us.

And therein lies the conundrum. Many of our beliefs are rooted in religion, and many of those beliefs help us deal with the complicated as well as false perceptions that have been tattooed into our psyche. And, those beliefs impact the psychic atmosphere we live in. On one hand, we ignore our individual mental patterns in order to conform to religious dogma, and on the other hand, we question why God has done something irrational like electing Donald Trump or killing thousands of people during an earthquake or flood.

But we are moving, like the earth is moving, to another state of awareness. As we get closer to that state, many of the old beliefs are falling from our religious tree of life. New ideas are brewing, and those ideas are tearing the religious created shroud off of God. What we believe is, awareness is the work of individual mental patterns that influence the mass consciousness. Religion has separated us from those mental patterns for thousands of years. Our mental patterns are responsible for what we experience in any reality.

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