Friday, November 4, 2016

Other Corners Of Our Canvas

Creativity has no use for barriers or compartments. Life is creative art. Life is the opened ended canvas on which we paint. We use ideas, impulses, perceptions, and thoughts to express our creativity on that canvas. Thanks to those tools, we inhibit and compartmentalize our painting. But even though we mark our canvas with beliefs that become facts, there is a part of our canvas that escapes into other realms of awareness that defy space and time. There is a framework of eternal creativity where a part of us still paints, but our objective painting blocks us from sensing our expressions there. The greater life of every creature exists in that framework. That framework is an ever spiraling state of existence where our painting and all paintings are constantly changing.

We use knowledge to help create what we experience. Knowledge is automatically changed by the auspices of each consciousness that perceive it. Knowledge is translated into specific details on our canvas. But an emotional brush also appears from the inner realm of this spiraling state of existence that adds color and depth to every canvas. Religions help explain that state of existence using specific details and those details put a barrier around our creativity. The emotional realization of our extended creativity is barricaded in a corner of our canvas. Intellectual knowledge keeps our connection to other states of existence in that corner, so we change knowledge to suit that corner of our painting.

What and how we paint is also questioned by the aspect of the self that exists in that knowledge filled corner. But there are other corners of our canvas that allow us to expand our creativity and the canvas itself. Those other corners are portions of our consciousness that are carried to other states of existence that are far from dark, lonely and chaotic. They are also much different than the concepts of nothingness and nirvana. Those states are where different kinds of consciousness meet, communicate, and paint on their canvas and ours.

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