Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will of Life

The life or lives of man may be regarded as constituting a curve, an arch of time-experienced subtended by the duration of the individual Will to Life. The outward movement of this curve, Evolution, the Path of Pursuit is characterized by self-assertion. The inward movement, involution is characterized by increasing self-realization. The religion of men on the outward path is the religion of Time; the religion of those who return is the religion of eternity.

Ananda Coomaraswamy, the 20th century Sri Lankan philosopher, thoughts about evolution and involution came from his 1957 work, The Dance of Shiva. The Will to life is an action of consciousness. We do sub-divide life into two distinct aspects of awareness. One self is moving through time expanding using physical time, space, and our creations. Another self is moving inward. We are identical twins separated at birth.

The outward self eventually unites with the inward self. But,there are many stops along with way

Traveling on the outward path the self tends to be filled with distortions and tangled experiences thet serve no purpose, but there is awareness in each tangle, and in each distortion.

The test of time creeps towards the essence of the self. That essence is the root of unity.

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