Saturday, November 21, 2009

Energetic Vibrations

The sparrow sleeps, thinking of nothing.

Meanwhile the universe has shrunk to half.

He’s attached by a navel string, swimming

In a sea of fluid, amniotic, slightly bitter.

The center is severance; not a sound at all;

Until the navel string is snapped. All of which

Was told by her as she sat astride Pegasus,

The poet on a circuit of the universe.

The sparrow came at her, bill like a sword,

And suddenly from her buttocks, the sun!

The sparrow carried the stained sheetsTo the moon.

On drawing the clouds apart,

He discovered the cold corpse of Mars.

Not once had he disclosed the secrets of his life.

The work of Shinkichi Takahashi is dressed in the colorful expressions of a connected consciousness. His 1970 work Disclosure from Afterimages: Zen Poems of Shinkichi Takahashi, is an amazing example of how Takahashi lives in more than one reality. The sparrow is not just a bird it is another portion of the conscious mind. It is not controlled by our beliefs and perceptions. Mars is as fresh and solid as the earth in the reality experienced by this portion of the self. Takahashi’s work. We could say part of our conscious mind is daydreaming on a star, and the moon winks at its presence.

Finding the right words in English to express the thoughts of Takahashi is the work of our sparrow, which is a portion of our inner self. That self finds truth between the lines, not in the print itself. These energetic vibrations of our inner self are present in several realities. If we move our vibrations a few megahertz in either direction using the portion of the conscious mind attached to the brain, we find our sparrow waiting to share secrets with us.

The cold corpse of Mars is heated and floating in the sea of our own consciousness. When we let go of one self, we find another self suspended by an embryo of another sparrow.

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