Friday, November 20, 2009

The Truth Of Fear

The big cities are not true; they betray
The day, the night, animals and children.
They lie with silence, they lie with noise
And with all that lets itself be used.

None of the vast events that move around you
Happen there. In city streets and alleys
Your great winds falter and churn,
And in frenzied traffic grow confused.

Rilke’s 1905 Book of Hours is an incredible look into the consciousness of this fascinating individual. His insight and expressions are structured in a way that can only be described as innately active. He stimulates thoughts from the inside, and we sense how complex yet simple this world was and still is. Rilke's work that goes beyond typical thoughts of truth. It touches on deep-rooted truth, and twists it around a world of words and symbols that form the foundation for 21th century thought.

Some big cities do lie. They are built by citizens that believe in a foundation of lies. Lies set the mood for agony and the suffering that exists within them. These cities silently lie and add more silence to each layer of redundancy that creates a fear ridden society that knows no justice, but the justice of retribution. The vast events that move around a city are tangled in a web of accepted entrapment, and that hammer-lock breaks down the ethics of a culture.

The great winds of consciousness churn in a cycle of madness, and some city-dwellers find a distorted world that knows itself in separation, not in unity. The frenzied traffic of nervous beliefs creates experiences filled with the muddy water of senselessness. Citizens wander through city after city looking for the key that unlocks a faint spirit of being within being. But Rilke's thoughts are just that; thoughts from one aspect of consciousness to another. The only string that ties them together is the belief in a world that has no truth, but the truth of fear.

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