Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thought Be Found

Since neither now nor yesterday began
These thoughts, which have been ever, nor yet can
A man be found who their first entrance knew

Emerson the proficient philosopher, poet and minister of the 19th century, included that poem in his 1842 essay Experience. Trying to sense the senselessness in his thoughts is worth the effort.

The truth that now or yesterday never began cannot be translated using rational thought. In our dualistic world, everything must conform to a beginning as well as an end, especially if we believe we are experiencing something tangible. Tangible items have a beginning or at least we are taught they do. But, do they really have a beginning? If we are creating those tangible items through thought, where did that thought begin? We can say it started in our brains, but nothing starts in our brains. The brain merely transfers information and signals from the mind. The thought was there before our brain was there.

We could say the thought came from an idea. We can ask when did the idea start? The answer is it started in our consciousness. Then we ask, when did our consciousness start, and we may say it started with God. We bring our religious belief into focus in order to justify the story of beginning. Religion tells us among other things, that we are created in God’s image, which can mean we are an aspect of God’s consciousness, which had no beginning. So if we follow that reasoning we can say that tangible items have no beginning now, or yesterday. They are an expression of God’s consciousness. That means all physical manifestations are expressions of God’s consciousness in different forms or if I take the Word God out of this exercise, I can say all physical manifestations are expressions of consciousness vibrating in different frequencies of thought.

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