Friday, January 1, 2010

We Know That We Know

Remember that no matter what nature may have produced or may be producing, the means must necessarily have been adequate, must have been fitted to that production. The argument from fitness to design would consequently always apply, whatever, were the product’s character. The recent Mount-Pelee eruption, for example required all previous history to produce that exact combination of ruined houses, human and animal corpses, sunken ships, volcanic ashes, etc., in just that one hideous configuration of positions.

France had to be a nation and colonize Martinique. Our country had to exist and send our ships there. If God aimed at just that result, the means by which the centuries bent their influences towards it, showed exquisite intelligence. And so of any state of things whatever, either in nature or in history, which we find actually realized. For the parts of things must always make some definite resultant, be it chaotic or harmonious.

When we look at what has actually come, the conditions must always appear perfectly designed to ensure it. We can always say, therefore, in any conceivable world, of any conceivable character, that the whole cosmic machinery must have been designed to produce it.

William James expressed those thoughts in his 1906 essay, Some Metaphysical Problems Pragmatically Considered. James is talking about the 1902 eruption of Mount-Pelee on Martinique, and the metaphysical ingredients that produce a volcanic eruption. Consciousness released that expression of energy at a specific energy point in linear time and it produced energy that rumbles through human consciousness in an assortment of ways depending on the vibration of each consciousness that is aware of it. Certainly there were other aspects of consciousness that had no awareness of that experience and did not expand from it, but the elements of consciousness that were aware expanded in some way, based on their perceptions about the action itself. As James explains those aware of that eruption exert energy in some way and expand from their thoughts about it.

Energy has many faces and each one activates an element of awareness that results in experiences. Even though there were humans living in 1902 that had no physical awareness of that natural act, the act itself was in their consciousness to experience at another point in their linear reality.

Energy spreads its wings in a body of contrast and diversity, so the flight of awareness can expand consciousness in an endless cycle of remembering. Consciousness is designed without design in order to produce cosmic energy that produces and reproduces itself in different forms and in different experiences. Words like chaotic and harmonious are just perceptions of experiences.

We can say that consciousness forms the dynamics of its own energy, and we choose to perceive that energy in some way.

We experience reality using our own cosmic energy. We know that we know even when we don't know we know.

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