Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dust Specks In A Fine Day

It’s a fine day
And I’m talking with the sun.
“I don’t think there’s only one sun,”

I say. “There are no end of you,
And of course there are the stars:
To be means to be numberless.

And yet, O magnificent,
I delight in your heat.
Dust speck, I adore you.”

Shinkichi Takahashi poem Sun opens several portals in our belief structure. When we peep into these portals, we see the dark clouds of unhappiness. As we peep, we begin to see the blockage. We believe we have no right to be happy. That belief creates the smoky configuration of our emotional protected reality. We also see the presence of other aspects of our conscious mind. Those aspects can make us feel like a new year that comes rolling out of a calendar filled with happy symbols. These happy symbols have not been touch by our physical beliefs, but the conscious mind has already experienced them as dust specs in another area of our mind. When we allow the conscious mind to touch these dust specks, we grasp the ingredients of happiness within them.

The conscious mind wants to dance with the happiness in our inner universe. Each dance creates the dust specs of a content being.

Our dust specs are much more than we think we are; they are floating aspects of consciousness. As they waltz with the conscious mind, we experience the challenges and the rewards of a fine day.

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