Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clear Images

The universe is the externization of the soul. Wherever life is, that bursts into appearance around it. Our science is sensual, and therefore superficial. The earth, and the heavenly bodies, physics, and chemistry we sensually treat, as if there were self-existent, but these are the retinue of that being we have. “The mighty heaven,” said Proclus, “exhibits, in its transfigurations, clear images of the splendor of intellectual perceptions; being moved in conjunction with the apparent periods of intellectual natures.” Since everything in nature answers to a moral power, if any phenomenon remains brute and dark, it is that the corresponding faculty in the observer is not yet active.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his 1841 essay The Poet, helps us understand our perceptions. They are projections of aspects of our consciousness. We dissect these experience with the ego, which is focused on our physical reality.

We manifest things at specific points in linear time to receive a message about the self from our inner consciousness. We know the self in fragments so everything we experience in this reality is fragmented.

The purpose of creating projections is simple. We get to sense other aspects of our consciousness through the separation we create. There are no deadlines or goals attached to our projection unless we believe there are. The world is only brute and dark because we believe it is. We can alter those beliefs like we alter the furniture we use to make us comfortable. But that is a choice, and we do it when we sense other aspects of the self.

We call that process being more than physical. It is the mighty hand of consciousness shaking us in the now. Clear images of the self glow in the eternal fire of life.

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