Monday, January 25, 2010

Waves Of The Unconscious Mind

Moon shines while billions
Of corpses rot
Beneath earth’s crust.
I who rise from them,
Soon to join them─all.
Where does moon float?
On the waves of my brain.

Shinkichi Takahashi’s poem Moon is filled with the duality we create in this physical life. There is life in death. Our misconceptions about our death are related to our conscious and unconscious activity. The myths, symbols and rational concepts we create about death are unnecessary elements. They may give credence to this reality, but they create fear of other realities. The conscious mind is filled with an assortment of different manifestations, and those beliefs can trigger psychological mechanisms within the mind that bring dilemmas as well as the challenge of death to the forefront of our lives.

Those issues could be worked out in a sensible manner if the conscious mind and the unconscious mind are allowed to cooperate without interference from our distorted beliefs. Death floats in the waves of the unconscious mind, and conscious mind floats along with it.

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