Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothingness Within the Emptiness

If ye realize the Emptiness of All Things, Compassion
Will arise within your heart;
If ye lose all differentiation between yourself and others, fit
To serve others ye will be;
And when in serving others ye shall win success, then shall ye meet with me;
And finding me, ye shall attain to Buddhahood.

Those thoughts come from The Hymn of the Final Precepts of Milarepa from the Jetsun-Kahbum written in Tibet in the 11th century. The message is very familiar; consciousness has been expressing itself through religious beliefs for centuries. Organized religion has been an accepted reality for over 5,000 years and the messages within the various religions is finally being received without unnecessary distortions. Awareness of these messages has always been within us, but we are becoming aware of the consciousness that is sending these messages. We want to live another reality, so we are homogenizing our religious beliefs in order to create another belief structure.

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