Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sun of Dreams

From the conception the increase,
From the increase the thought,
From the thought the remembrance,
From the remembrance the consciousness,
From the consciousness the desire.

Those thoughts are part of the Maori culture that dates back at least 3,200 years. It’s interesting that the translation uses consciousness as the root, as well as the seed of awareness.

From the nothing the begetting,
From the nothing the increase,
From the nothing the abundance,
The power of increasing,
The living breath.
It dwells with the empty space, and produced
The atmosphere which is above us.

The Maori felt the power of their own consciousness and expressed it outwardly. They developed a story of creation and it became a belief, but the belief was initiated by consciousness. These beliefs prompted rituals and other physical displays of awareness, which eventually turned into worship and a religion that could be taught and lived in their reality. The Maori of New Zealand are like the other fragments of consciousness that expressed their own creations in religious beliefs. Most cultures including the Greek, Egyptian, Finnish, Buddhist, and Japanese, say that the beginning of this world is non being manifested physically. Their impulses are similar, and their expression unique, so the diversity within consciousness can be expressed and experienced physically. There has always been a connection between the beliefs of different cultures, but we chose to focus on the expressions, rather than the messages.

The practice of exclusion and disassociation are the tools of contrast, which brings the nothingness into focus. The nothingness is the living breath, which dwells within the message of consciousness, and fills the physical world with abundance. Our begetting is the action of individual consciousness that makes us remember the whole within the whole of spacelessness. Like the atmosphere above us, it permeates our beliefs and saturates our perceptions, but it is our choice to limit what we sense, and ignore what we feel. As the nothingness increases, awareness floats through the cracks of separation and another empty space is filled with physical manifestations.

The expansion of consciousness is action, expressed as energy, which uses mental enzymes from the vitality of consciousness to know itself. The force of vitality creates desire, which becomes perceptions and beliefs that create individual and collective realities and the world become fruitful. The apples from the tree of consciousness are as diverse as the individual trees, and are as flexible as the branches.


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