Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voluntary Simplicity and Ecological Sensitivity

Dissatisfaction with conventional values led to alternate life-styles such as voluntary simplicity and ecological sensitivity, which flourished to express and support new perspectives. Within universities new research fields explored topics such as meditation, biofeedback, psychedelics and states of consciousness. Yesterday’s cultural curiosity had become today’s mainstream research. Transpersonal psychologists sought to integrate these novels findings into a new discipline, and they were soon joined by researchers in psychiatry, anthropology, sociology and ecology.

Roger Walsh M.D., Ph.D wrote those thoughts in the introduction to his 1993 book, Paths Beyond Ego. Roger is explaining the action of consciousness. As awareness fills the gap of separation we have within us, an established truth becomes a relative truth and another belief is created in our individual belief systems. When there is enough energy express in these new beliefs, the collective belief is altered and the new belief becomes an established belief. There are numerous examples of how we continue to replace one truth with another and expand beliefs. Researchers that were only aware of five senses are being replaced by individuals who are aware of the power of inner senses. This leap in awareness is creating new avenues to explore in science; they have always been there, but were considered foolishness by the establishment.

The establishment is consciousness expanding in its own awareness. The contrast within an establishment that rules by fear is being replaced by an establishment that is aware of the uniqueness of the self. As that awareness expands, the establishment expands, and creates other new manifestations that express unlimited opportunities to experience other realities without fear. These realities compliment each other with allowance and appreciation. An integral approach to self awareness creates a collective that expresses that unity. The elements of diversity and contrast are still present, but they are now judgment free, which allows consciousness to expand without expressing separation.

As the 21st century unfolds, awareness will fling itself through the consciousness that exists in all layers of this three dimensional world, and the reality of one collective will be transformed into a reality of self, which contributes to the collective by example. The need to feel separated from the whole is being transformed by the natural behavior of consciousness. New realities express the inner world and are projecting it outward, so voluntary simplicity and ecological sensitivity are a collective expression of each individual’s self awareness.

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