Friday, March 18, 2011

The Truth of Self

Accordingly, it is this nature that teaches me to avoid things that produce a sensation of pain and to pursue things that produce a sensation of pleasure, and the like. But it does not appear that nature teaches us to conclude anything besides these things, from these sense perceptions unless the intellect has first conducted its own inquiry regarding things external to us. For it seems to belong exclusively to the mind, and not to the composite of mind and body, to know the truth in these matters.

In his 1641 sixth meditation from his work, Discourse on Method and Meditation of First Philosophy Rene Descartes is explaining how the senses perceive nature and that nature is a combination of everything bestowed on him by God. Reality does imply a structure of sorts and within that structure are assortments of perceptions that find their way into a belief. The world as we know it is limited by our perception of it; when perceptions expand the world does too. There is no better example than the senses of new born baby. The senses begin to pick up vibrations and little by little those vibrations become stronger and awareness of self expands.

Descartes 17th century thoughts are considered partial perceptions in the 21st century. Perceptions in the 19th century were limited by thoughts about the self. The truth of self unfolds as awareness expands.

Perceiving the self as a plural has always been a topic of conversation in all ancient cultures, but the realization that nature is teaching us about our multiplicity is still an esoteric thought. But, all one has to do is look at the consciousness of a bird or a tree and see the multiplicity within that consciousness. Each species looks the same, but when they are brought in focus each counterpart within the species is different just like the counterparts that exist in the self.

The self is a multidimensional aspect of consciousness. There are counterparts and varieties of consciousness that manifest for the fun of it; for the joy of it, and for the expansion and growth of it, as well as for the difference in it, and the desire producing value of it. Every form of consciousness in nature manifests to know itself in physical form in order to expand the truth of self.

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