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Nashville Adventuresome Novel Creates Quite a New Century Buzz

Press Release

March 3, 2011
Nashville Tennessee

Living Behind The Beauty Shop ISBN# 978-0-9778130-4-9

Nashville Adventuresome Novel Creates Quite a New Century Buzz

Lightning Source a Division of Ingram Book Company released Living Behind The Beauty Shop an Adventuresome Novel by Hal Manogue today and the reaction has been better than anticipated. Leslie Sullivan Client Services Coordinator for Lightning Source said the first fifty copies were printed and shipped ahead of schedule.

The book is Manogue’s first novel, but he is no stranger to book publishing. His esoteric poems and essays are popular all over the world. Living Behind The Beauty Shop is centered in the Nashville area during the 89s, 90s, and the new millennium. The story follows the lifestyle of one family. Each person in the family impacts society in a unique, but understandable way.

Some of the pressing social issues that influence beliefs about the nature of reality in the 21st century are addressed in the book. Homelessness, the shoe business, Down syndrome, sexuality, and eco-friendly solutions to pending social dilemmas are addressed in an out-of-the-box sort of way.

Yvonne Perry CEO of Writers in the Sky writing services and editor of the book had this to say about the story:

Living Behind The Beauty Shop will open your eyes to new possibilities about what can be done to help homeless humanity become a productive part of society. It will show appreciation for racial and sexual diversity and present ideas about how we can protect our environment and conserve precious natural resources. Additionally, those who know someone living with Down syndrome will appreciate the sensitivity and positive light shone upon the unique individuals who have chosen a chromosome mishap as an Earthly path to lead others to enlightenment.

Living Behind The Beauty Parlor is available on Manogue’s websites: or The book is also available online and in book stores. The Kindle version and eBook version will be available next week.

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