Thursday, September 2, 2010

Truth of the Cosmos

The faces of all the snowflakes that have fallen on the earth for millions of years have all been different; water crystals emerge for twenty to thirty seconds as the temperature rises and the ice starts to melt and the truth of the cosmos become visible, if only for a few moments.

Masaru Emoto wrote those words in the prologue of his best selling book, The Hidden Messages in Water. At first glance his message seems to be a bit unrealistic, but his findings begin to make some sense when we reign in our thoughts, and listen to our conscious mind. The truth of the cosmos lies where we fail to look; it rests quietly in the conscious mind that expresses itself physically as well as non-physically. How then do we describe the conscious mind in a manner that makes rational sense? The answer of course is the conscious mind can not be understood completely using external senses and preconceived beliefs. The conscious mind seeps through the cracks of rationality, and permeates the essence of all energy.

Trying to draw a mental picture of our complete conscious mind, and how it acts has certainly been a life quest for all humans. We try to make some sort of sense of physical life. We use our beliefs structure to confirm the myths we create. All these actions are energetic expressions of the conscious mind functioning within the stream of consciousness.

We can think of consciousness as an ocean. Within an ocean there are individual water molecules that function as a unit, but they are actually independent qualities of the whole consciousness. The molecules act as a group, but they also can act on their own. Water molecules can change their form and express their reality in different ways. Water crystals express emotions, but we don't believe water has emotions. We are over seventy percent water as adults so water does display emotions. The conscious mind exists within a belief structure, but it also exists as an ocean.

The unknown realms of the ocean are known to the molecules in the ocean just like the unknown aspects of the self are known and expressed by different energy within the conscious mind.

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