Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brotherhood of the Cells

He who in pursuit of the shadow tires out the body, does not know that the body produces the shadow; and he who attempts to stop an echo by raising his voice, does not understand that the voice is the cause of the echo.

A disciple of the Zen Master Hui-k’e wrote those thoughts in the sixth century. Chasing shadows and hearing echoes is learned behavior; it seems we spend a great deal of energy doing just that when it comes to our political and religious beliefs. The political shadow is a dualistic form shaped by our limited beliefs about the nature of individual as well as mass identity. The echo we hear is our own voice that comes from within the walls of ignorance. Both try to tell us something about the nature of our consciousness.

There is a private blueprint of consciousness that is greater than our physical materialization that occurs within this space and time. This blueprint provides us with areas of choice that are filled with probabilities and we have the final word on what to choose and what to ignore from that blueprint. Our cells however react to the complete blueprint and an idealization of psychic patterns occurs that fuels growth and development of the cells in terms of physical information. The blueprint is our real shadow that casts light on what we perceive. We use impulses to create physical probabilities that already exist within the blueprint.

The spiritual brotherhood of the cells connects all individuals within a species. The faint echo of biological idealization exists within all of us, but it’s muffled by the lack of appreciation we have for the great individuality of each cell within us. Our cells work so well together we overlook their individual uniqueness until they are affected in some way by our thoughts.

We don’t understand the experiences of our eternal world because we haven’t achieved the spiritual brotherhood that is inherent in each cell. When the body is injured the cells immediately begin a cooperative effort to heal it. When the race is hurt the same biological force is set in motion and a mechanism of consciousness tries to heal it, but our ignorance of our biological cellular brotherhood slows down the process.

One segment of our species can not grow or expand at the expense of other portions for very long, but the eternal shadow and echo chasing does helps create a psychic opening for other aspects of consciousness which reveal solutions once the resistance abates.

As the cells respond at certain levels to an ever-present stream of probabilities our thoughts change. The body responds to those thoughts and the reaction of the cells alters our environment and the brain responds to the alteration. The shadow and the echo are messages that express the experiences we choose in life.

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