Friday, December 17, 2010

Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What

Enlightenment vanquishes Ignorance lying at the root of birth and death and laying fetters of every description, intellectual as well as effective. And this vanquishing of Ignorance cannot be achieved except by the exercise of one’s will power; all the other attempts, especially merely intellectual, are utterly futile.

D.T. Suzuki wrote those thoughts in his 1926 essay, Enlightenment and Ignorance. Ignorance is not lack of knowledge it is a subjective choice that outlines the blueprint of physical life. Within the outline of ignorance is an ever-flowing cycle of awareness that manifests physically in accordance with this innate impulse to connect with what we create physically. Those creations become the contrast needed to fill in the outline.

The blueprint for individual reality is an unknown because we think in terms of consecutive time so we assume that there must be an egg or a seed that produces a reality for consciousness. The seed or egg carries the future of reality in our ignorant state of thought, but the idea of first does not exist in the vast field of knowledge flowing in the stream of consciousness. That stream is not limited; it’s only our beliefs about the stream that create limitations. Inner knowledge is real, valid, and accessible at any moment since an inward reality creates an inward sequence of events that manifest as objective effects.

Scientific “workable” objective facts tend to enhance the ignorance since the facts are framed in certain vibrational frequencies. These facts prejudice thoughts about the nature of consciousness so immediate ego-based thoughts become the perceived blueprint of our consciousness.

That blueprint is just one aspect or effect of consciousness not consciousness itself. It is an intellectual attempt to know the something unknown that is doing we don’t know what, which is the basic element of ignorance. That something is actually consciousness units expressing physical life in an active and awareness producing way. Consciousness units expand the whole stream in the vastness of our inner reality.

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