Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Minute Consciousness Capsule

Even to-day science and philosophy are still laboriously trying to part fancies from realities in our experience; and in primitive times they made only the most incipient distinctions in this line. Men believed whatever the thought with any liveliness, and they mixed their dreams with their realities inextricably. The categories of ‘thought’ and ‘things’ are indispensable here; instead of being realities we now call certain experiences only ‘thoughts.’ There is not a category, among those enumerated, of which we may not imagine the use to have thus originated historically and only gradually spread.

William James hits the vacillating nail of reality on the head with those thoughts from his 1906 essay, Pragmatism and Common Sense. The sense of separation rings true in our waking reality, and the union of consciousness is discounted in our dreams. Our boundaries of awareness expand in the dream reality and our inner senses operate freely in a world without physical matter. We travel without moving and see without eyes. The fact that both worlds exist in the same place is lost in a limited belief system which focuses on one aspect of the self.

The dream reality is the foundation for widening conscious comprehension. It is a pulling together or a minute consciousness capsule that enables the self to enter other energy fields. The astral body has been a belief for thousands of years; it is another type of energy capsule.

Thought as we perceive it then is created through the union we have with consciousness. Impulses sent from realities that exist within our world of energy capsules are catalyst for physical experiences as well as dream experiences. History it seems is a fruitless word, but an important word that makes sense of our own creations although all those creations have been experienced in many realties in the past as well as in the future.

There is no category to label dream experiences, but it is realistic to say that they reside in fancies, which are as valid as our self created ego consciousness.

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