Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Pot Of Thoughts

I’m hidden behind the wall, And yet I’m right beside you. You are oppressed and suffering, Yet I am near.

You who are anxious to get Where you think you’re going, I’ll make your dreams come true. I’ll cook well every pot you try to boil.

My friend, you thought you lost him; That all your life you’ve been separated from him. Filled with wonder, you’ve always looked outside of him, And haven’t searched within your own house.

Rumi wrote those words in the 13th century. He understood that awareness is action. Awareness is consciousness feeling itself. Rumi’s conscious mind was not only focused on the physical world, it was tuned-in to his inner self. The conscious mind feeds the inner self with beliefs about the nature of reality. The conscious mind sets goals, and the inner self manifests them using the inexhaustible energy of consciousness.

We are responsible for the joy and successes we experience. We can change our perception of life by altering our belief about the inner self. As Rumi said we haven’t searched our own house for the keys that unlock doors of awareness.

The inner self is the “him” Rumi talks about. This self uses the conscious mind to experience a reality filled with the incredible richness of color and form. Our non-physical form was born in the flesh to feel its own energy physically. We cook every pot of thoughts in the energetic water of the inner self.

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