Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dancing At The Dome Of Our Own Sky

Oh sun, rise.

Particles are dancing.

I see headless, footless spirits dancing with ecstasy.

Some are dancing at the dome of the sky.

Come close.

I'll tell you where they are going.

Rumi, the immortal poet, blends our thoughts into free flowing images filled with creative imagination. The ego is a product of our conscious mind’s imagination. The ego is our idea of our physical self. Our inner self-image is not unconscious even though we have been taught to believe it is. We are very aware that we are more than ego, but we limit our thoughts about how much more because our belief structure limits our awareness. We don’t believe we can dance at the dome of our own sky.

The ego can ignore the conscious mind, and when it does subsidiary beliefs develop. These invisible beliefs have an impact on our core beliefs, and that action changes our perception of reality.

The conscious mind is not a thing. It is an ever-changing phenomenon. It can be turned in endless directions by the ego. It looks outward, but it also looks inward and is able to see its own contents. We experience what we concentrate and then focus on in this reality. Reality is a composite of our visible as well as invisible beliefs. Come close. The ego will tell you where you are going.

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