Saturday, June 1, 2013

Unconscious Beliefs About Consciousness

The progress of science has now reached a turning point. The stable foundations of physics have broken up. . . The old foundations of scientific thought are becoming unintelligible. Time, space, matter, material, ether, electricity, mechanism, organism, configuration, structure, pattern, function, all require reinterpretation. What is the sense of talking about a mechanical explanation when you do not know what you mean by mechanics?

Alfred North Whitehead wrote those thoughts in his 1967 book, Science and the Modern World. Science is in a state of change. Old truths are always being replaced with new truths in conscious time. Our beliefs are in a constant state of change. Science is just one belief in a stable of conscious mind beliefs.

It’s relatively easy for the ego to identify visible beliefs like science, religion, relationships, morality and a few more, but our invisible beliefs are a little harder to identify. We forget that our reality is formed and reinforced by conscious as well as unconscious beliefs.

Invisible beliefs become truths just like our core beliefs. These invisible truths are old school unquestionable assumptions imbedded in our conscious mind by outside influences and associations. Within our seven conscious beliefs categories, there are numerous invisible beliefs that impact our reality. The ego only uses beliefs that fit into our focused concentration point. That point is influenced by the ego’s perception of time.

The ego only perceives information that fits into a certain point of conscious time until another point of conscious time is reached. When new data reaches that point, we realize that some of our old truths were only truths in conscious time. They are not be truths in the timeless area of the inner conscious mind.

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