Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Deep Cleaning Process

Self-honesty is a tool without which you will find it very difficult to grow. Without it, you find that you disguise and dress up the reasons for your actions and reactions. It is part of your fear that you are not worthy and fear of judgment by others; in other words, having to be 'seen to be' more than you think you are.

By being honest with yourself you have the most wonderful tool to discover your secret fears and hidden beliefs about yourself and your reality. In the embracement of those fears you become centered and strong. This is called sovereignty, from whence comes your creative choice points, to grow into your own power.

Jani King wrote those thoughts in her book, The Gift. Self-honesty is a hard tool to find, especially when it is covered by years of fear, guilt and judgments. We all come into the world with self-honesty, but we soon discover that the people around us don’t use it, so we put that important tool in a file in our mind, and mark it obsolete. We become another person for the sake of conformity, balance and most of all fear. We modify our thinking so half-truths, and false assumptions become our standard truths.

Digging self-honesty out of the rubble of superficial acceptance is a deep cleaning process. It’s a process that takes the courage to face our self-dishonesty, and forgive our altered self for using it. We used self-dishonesty in place of self-honesty for a purpose. We want to conform and have meaning in our world of facades. Self-dishonesty gives us a false sense of worth, until we discover our innate worth. When the light of self-honesty is turned on, we activate the power to honestly be who we expect to be.

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