Friday, April 4, 2014

Self-Created Lessons

Ethical people recognize their mistakes as simply mistakes. They heal the past and themselves by correcting their errors, forgiving themselves, and learning as much as they can in the process. In this way they gradually become free of the past, their minds cease to be junkyards of painful memories and guilty secrets, and they come fresh and clean to each new moment of experience.

Guilt ridden people see their mistakes as unforgivable sins and punish themselves unmercifully. They do not heal or learn from the past; rather, they continue to punish themselves for it and thereby remain tied to it.

Roger Walsh M.D. PhD wrote those thoughts in his 2010 book Essential Spirituality. Dr. Walsh does have a knack for explaining human behavior in simple terms. We all have felt the pain of guilt, and the freedom of forgiveness in one way or another. The big question is: Why do some of us hold on to the guilt, and create a life of suffering? The answer is not a simple one. Some of us don’t want to release the pain. The guilt is our cross, and we are willing to drag it until our bodies break down under the stress.

Other people know how to forgive themselves. They know that every experience is rooted in the action of our consciousness. They realize mistakes are self-created lessons in awareness. Our consciousness operates within a code system. That code system helps direct our focus. We bring in experiences and assign a specific significance to each one of them. Other data is blocked, but that data can be, and usually is, significant in other code systems.

Consciousness code systems are rooted in molecular construction, and they function within a certain frequency within the spectrum of light. Light values are the alphabet of every code system. We are unfamiliar with this spectrum within consciousness, but at some point all of us will understand it, and use it to make sense of our mistakes.

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